So why Advertise with Us?
Rural World is a directory service dedicated to rural and agricultural businesses and the products and services that they provide. Our aim is to make those products and services more available to the general public in order to help rural businesses to grow and thrive.

The Rural World site is open to advertisers who donít have easy access to website advertising and so miss out on the customer opportunities that this form of advertising brings. We understand that the farmer with a few hundred of extra bales of hay to sell or the farmerís wife with a holiday room to rent doesnít have the budget, the time or the inclination to own, maintain and advertise their own website! However, these small businesses have so much to offer in terms of quality and value for money for the general public who are becoming increasingly dependent on the internet to provide for their every need. Thatís why we can offer low cost, county and category based listings for those who want their products and services to be seen by a wider audience.

For those businesses that do have a web presence already, Rural World can offer web-links directly to their own home page for no extra cost. We donít believe in charging our customers the earth for the privilege of being able to draw customers in using that website that they invested so heavily in. After all, whatís the point in having a website when no-one can find it?

The Rural World directory is designed with the local producer in mind, so our search facility is county based. If you are a larger business who has a national operation or a network of agents and suppliers, donít despair! We can list your advert in every county that is relevant to you. This will cost you a little more but we think that this is fair as your business has already grown to a national scale. We need to keep our costs low for our local suppliers and we hope you understand that a national directory listing is worth a little more investment. We also run banner ads on every page although we try to keep these to a maximum of one per page so that our local supplier listings arenít swamped out. Please contact us for your special advertising needs.

Rural World currently covers the UK Rural and Agricultural Industries and their suppliers. If you are not based in the UK but supply to the UK, you may advertise here. We may expand the Rural World service to other countries if we receive sufficient support from you so if you would like to see your country represented, please get in touch through our contact page.

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