Advertising Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to advertise on the site?
Ads are free at Rural World. Banner ads are subject to availability and a charge will be made.

Does it cost extra to upload a logo or have a weblink?
No, both of these services are provided for you free of charge.

I’m not sure about including all of my details
We only require certain fields to be entered. Those are recognizable as they are marked by an asterix. Your name and email address is not visible but you can still be emailed via our on-line form. This is to protect you from spam. If you want other details removed, please contact us.

How do I register on the site?
Click on the link ‘register your business’ under our name and logo to access our registration page.

Can I change my ad?
If you need to change your ad, please contact us and we will do this for you. As this is a manual process we can not make frequent changes for any one ad so changes will be made at our discretion

How do I cancel my ad?
If you wish to cancel your subscription, please contact us and we will remove it at the first available opportunity.

I am not able to register on-line. Is there another way?
Yes, we can send you a registration form through the post or by fax. Please contact us with your address or fax number. We can scan images that are sent but cannot guarantee quality of the image or that we will be able to return any pictures to you.