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Rural World is owned by a young farming couple from Leicestershire who through their own experience, know and understand the difficulties that lie in running a farm and a rural business in today’s economic climate. Rural World is their second diversification project, born out of a need to attract more customers themselves as they rent their land on short term leases and desperately need to own some land of their own to run their agricultural contracting business from

As supermarkets get bigger and bigger and use increasingly clever and more sophisticated marketing methods for ensuring that their customers feel tied in to using them, the farming community within the UK is being slowly squeezed out of business. Imagine taking a trip into the countryside and seeing only scrubland, dying trees and not an animal in sight? This is what will happen if our farmers, the custodians of our land, are forced out of business. Rural World is all about making sure that this image doesn’t become our reality.

As fossil fuels become scarcer and overseas transport becomes prohibitively expensive, the UK as an island will become more and more dependent on having the skills and knowledge to produce food locally. Currently however, the supermarkets source huge amounts of food from abroad where animal welfare standards, pesticide controls and employee’s rights may not be as rigorous as ours, here in the UK. This is making it virtually impossible for our local farmers and associated local businesses to earn enough to survive and fewer and fewer young farmers are entering into the industry. Not only are we in danger of loosing our heritage, we are putting our own future as a food producing nation in danger.

However, there is something you can do.

The Rural World directory contains listings of all kinds of rural businesses; from farms that will sell half a dozen fresh eggs at their gate to country sports and leisure events that give you the opportunity to explore the countryside and everything it has to offer without the need to jump on a plane or own a passport! We hope that through us, you are given the opportunity to get to know the country that you live in and that you can begin to enjoy the fruits of our rural labours.

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